Sat, Jan 18, 2020
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Design, equipment manufacturing for Cathodic Protection and anti-corrosion, Supply and distribution, Electricity, Lifting equiment.


    • Corrective maintenance schedule

             Intervention and rapid troubleshooting on all lifting equipment brands.

    • Preventive Maintenance schedule

As part of a maintenance contract, the preventive maintenance schedule is able to  detect potential failures of your equipments.Planning repairs,upkeep operations and routine inspections, we will help you to eliminate failures, and to avoid unnecessary downtime of your production (time saving and costs reduction).
  •  Predictive maintenance schedule
    On the preventive schedule basis, the predictive schedule helps to anticipate your future needs and to gradually adapt your machine park to your growth expectations. Thanks to this global maintenance contract, let our experts perform all maintenance services while you  concentrate on your production.

Fast Intervention


SERE intervention can take place within 2 hours of your call.The intervention vehicles with spare parts will move fast on your production site to minimize your production downtime. This intervention can be applied as part of a maintenance contract with penalty.


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