Sat, Jan 18, 2020
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Design, equipment manufacturing for Cathodic Protection and anti-corrosion, Supply and distribution, Electricity, Lifting equiment.


Supply, consultancy, research, manufacturing, lifting equipment installation, commpliance, load test. SERE MAINTENANCE develops your projects from beginning to end.


  • SERE MAINTENANCE controls the installation and commissioning of hoists,jib cranes, travelling cranes, overhead handling systems, thanks to our expertise in matter of handling, and Many years of experience.
  • Our services are not limited to installation and commissioning
    we also conduct :
    - Compliance
  •  -Load test
  •  - geometry monitoring of roller paths and travelling cranes.


  • SERE MAINTENANCE can of course provide a complete service around the lifting equipment installation:
  • - Roller paths,
  •  - Monorail,
  • - Electrification of your lifting units,
  •  - Lifting accessories as Radio controls, slings.


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