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Design, equipment manufacturing for Cathodic Protection and anti-corrosion, Supply and distribution, Electricity, Lifting equiment.


The company S.E.R.E MAINTENANCE, influential and dominant in its two main activities, with its dynamic, experienced and dedicated team to satisfy its customers : 

LIFTING : Studies, Installations and compliance of Lifting Systems "Rolling Bridges / Hoists ... ..etc." In all industries


For more than 40 years, we have specialized in lifting thanks to a highly qualified staff, and that is why we offer our services because quality is a necessity to fully satisfy you :


  • manufacturer of travelling cranes, gantries, hoists, ... (studies and realizations), assembly, assistance and reception of lifting equipment with Load Tests, Staff Training
  • after-sales service of VERLINDE spare parts and all other brands
  • maintenance contract, preventive maintenance
  • mandatory periodic general audit
  • repairs


We are present on the Grand Ouest (9 departments) 

Our manufacturing unit offers the security provided by a European network of aftersales service available and able to intervene quickly.

It is an assistance that meets your expectations.


What is Cathodic Protection ?


It is an effective way to combat the electrochemical effects of corrosion of submerged or buried metal structures.


How ?


Make the potential of the structure to be sufficiently electronegative protected, potential measured using an electrode (Cu / Cu SO4 saturated or Ag / Ag / Cl seawater)


With sacrificial anodes : by coupling this potential to a less noble metal (Magnesium, Zinc, Aluminum)




Through impressed current system


Why ? 

  • better control of the production costs (corrosion, mastered, there's no interruption or loss of production).
  • To extend the life of existing structures.

We offer our experience, our advice and equipment since 1964.

We have been exporting since 1985. 

We manufacture and market all the equipment to fight against corrosion concerning:

  • Buried or immerged metallic installations, in the Oil / Gas / Water industries, etc...........
  • The Naval Industry: Ship Protection
  • Port and river metal buildings
  • Capacities containing liquid
  • Reinforced concrete structures

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